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Spice Williams-Crosby, 2012.

Spice Williams-Crosby

Born Marceline Ann Williams on April 26, 1952. She is an American actress, bodybuilder, stunt performer, dancer and musician. She started out as a singer, piano player and dancer with her own group Sugar N' Spice. While she was taking acting lessons, she heard about roles for female warriors, wrestlers and super-heroines and began to kickbox and bodybuild. She played the role of Vixis the female Klingon in the movie Star Trek V. She also had roles in other movies, like From Dusk Till Dawn and The Guyver and guest starred on lots of TV shows, including Seinfeld, Roseanne, My Two Dads, The Bold and the Beautiful and Step by Step. 

She got into being a stunt performer after she was asked to double an actress playing a Judo instructor opposite Rock Hudson. Since then she has been asked to double for many other actresses, including Katherine Ross, Louise Fletcher and Meg Foster. Her stunts include diving through glass windows, crashing cars, falling down stairs and hanging from helicopters. She is especially well known for being able to pick up a 300 pound man over her head.

She played Gabrielle in the 2011 movie The Dead Undead, which is a collaboration between her and several other stunt actors she knows, to make the movie they all wanted to make.

She is creating her own reality TV show I Fight For My Life, that will teach women how to prevent themselves from becoming victims.

She has her own line of vegan foods that she sells under the brand Spice of Life. Her website can be found at this link.

 Quotes by Spice Williams-Crosby:

"In 1977, I decided to 'turn my life around' and learn how to rebuild my body with foods designed to heal."
"I was a treatment nurse, medical transcriber and grew up in a medical world on a ranch with lots of meat and dairy. The American Way!!! I knew I had to go into the truth of the body and find out biochemically why I had a weight problem, health problems, skin problems etc. ... I then stumbled across a book called Food Combining by Herbert Shelton and my concept of food and life totally turned around. I began to study digestion time and realized that animal flesh and dairy was rotting and putrefying in my gut lining. Pleasant thought, Uh?"
"As I began to eliminate the foods that took the longest, I took on a lifestyle of eating that changed my body and my sense of well being. One day, someone asked me what I eat. I told them and they began to tell me I was a VEGAN! I replied, "A what?" I had no idea I had transformed myself into something that actually had a name for it."
"The time of my change, it was purely for health. However, the cleaner my body became, the evidence of not wanting to participate in the killing of animals became extremely apparent and now I know it's for both reasons."
"How dare we take an animal's life! Think about it...when we kill animals, we TAKE their life away. Who died and made us God? We are ignorant and full of excuses for doing this. I will have no part of this action of man."
When asked what she finds hard about being a vegan, she answered:
"Nothing. This is my spiritual journey. Once I realized I was here and going for this ride, I was in love with my choice."
"Not only do I feel better, but safer. I talked to many people every week who are dealing with cancers, auto immune diseases and feeling bad, over weight, headaches, hormonal imbalances etc...I don't have to worry about any of that stuff. I feel clean and safe."
"In my family, we are all organic vegans. I've been a vegan for 30 years now [interview 2010]. I have two masters in fitness & nutrition and currently doing my PhD in Holistic Nutrition. Outside of health, I don't believe in torturing animals."
"The state of the human race scares me. People walk around vertically dead and unaware of all the lies and deceit they live with everyday. Everything from the foods they consume to the drugs they are told to put their children on. Educated People Make Educated Decisions! However, the human race today would rather have someone tell them what to eat, drink and to believe in rather than stepping up to the plate and taking a stand."
"I know one thing, the only thing constant is change. If we can keep evolving, growing and learning ways to stay out of corporate corruption, and become human beings worthy of spiritual flight, then the journey is all good. I keep in mind that we are not human beings trying to have a spiritual experience, but spirits trying to have a human experience. We should try to make the experience not only be worth it, but let's try to make this human experience better for others while we are here to play!!!!"
"If you change to a very healthy lifestyle and you set an example of love, and high energy then the world will come to you asking you the same question they ask me..."What do you eat that makes you look so healthy, full of energy and strong?" I just smile and proudly say, 'I'm a VEGAN!'"
"I was born in Hollywood with my twin sister. ... We always loved performing and when we were 12 years old, we were asked to be the Golden Arch Girls for Ray Kroc who created McDonalds and sing at the conventions! Being a 30 year vegan, I think back on those days and laugh!"
"Stay strong & sweet!"

Quotes are from her interview with VegNews, her 2010 interview with TrekWeb and her 2010 interview with Racks and Razors.

Image of Spice Williams-Crosby from her facebook page, reprinted with her permission.
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