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Alissa White-Gluz, 2010.

Alissa White-Gluz

She is a Canadian musician and the lead singer of the metal band The Agonist (formerly The Tempest). She uses both clean vocals and vocal fry, which refers to the low, guttural vibrations in the lowest vocal register. She is vegan, straight-edge (which includes no alcohol, tobacco or other recreational drugs) and an animal rights activist. You can check out the band's music and website.

She talks to PETA2 about the seal slaughter in her country:

Warning: shocking images!

Quotes by Alissa White-Gluz:

"I was actually raised a vegetarian and I became a vegan about 13 years ago [interview 2011]. So it's second nature for me to live this lifestyle. The animal rights cause is something close to my heart and something I truly believe in."
"Same thing with being straight edge: I just sort of picked it up because it made sense to me."
"I wasn't raised in any way where I was forced to be a vegetarian too. I always had the choice. ... I made the decision early on that I was going to stick to the lifestyle. It's easier to stick with something like that than change it, if you've always done it. I'm grateful that my parents were open-minded with me."
"I'm always, always really health conscious -- even more so on tour. I'll rarely eat junk food anyways, but I do not eat junk food [on tour]."
"There's this company called Vega that sponsors us, and basically what it is is a vegan health optimizer. But really it's a protein shake that has all the vitamins, all the enzymes, all the minerals, all the carbs, all the proteins ... everything that you need to set yourself for the day. I actually drink one of those on stage, so I feel like it kinda helps my throat keep going if it's a longer set."
"When I was in high school, I started organizing fundraisers, and other events, for people like PETA and Greenpeace. Since PETA has more of a youth-oriented division called peta2, I started working a lot more with them as of late. A lot of the work is already done, so all I really have to do is raise awareness for their campaigns. It's the least I can do to help."
"Most people would agree that there is something terribly wrong with bashing in the heads of baby seals, yet the Canadian government allows the seal slaughter to continue each year. As a Canadian, I am appalled and ashamed that my government would allow and encourage cruelty to animals on such a massive scale."
"Commercial seal slaughter is obviously cruel, but it's also an example of government waste. Canada spends millions in taxpayer funds each year subsidizing this massacre, even though income from the slaughter accounts for less than 1 percent of the economy of Newfoundland, where it takes place. The seal slaughter will continue unless people speak out and take action to stop it. People can check out CanadasShame.com for more information."

Quotes are from her 2009 interview with NoiseCreep, her 2011 interview with NoiseCreep and her 2011 interview with PETA.

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